Hint Of Jasmine: Jasmine Face Mist

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Are you tired of dry and dull-looking skin? Introducing our Jasmine Water Face Mist – the ultimate solution to hydrating and rejuvenating your skin. Our face mist is carefully crafted with premium ingredients to give you a refreshing and revitalizing experience.

Made in Sri lanka.

Works well for:  Dry to normal skin types.

Contains: 100ml
Made in Sri Lanka.
A cruelty free product.
How to Use

Spray the facial mist on your face whenever you need a quick refresher or to instantly rehydrate and soothe the skin. Apply evenly to your face, and allow it to dry. Follow with your favorite moisturizer.


Our Jasmine water face mist is specially formulated to hydrate your skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple. The mist is infused with aloe vera extract and hyaluronic acid to nourish and protect your skin. This way, you can go about your day feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Apart from hydrating your skin, our Jasmine Water Face mist is designed to slow down the aging process. The mist is loaded with antioxidants that fight against free radicals, preventing premature aging, and leaving you with younger-looking skin.


Take a moment to relax and unwind during the hectic day with the calming scent of jasmine. The jasmine essential oil in our product is known for its anti-anxiety properties, reducing stress levels, and promoting relaxation. Our Jasmine Water Face mist doubles up as an aromatherapy treatment, so you get two benefits in one.

What’s inside that really matters.

Rosewater : Steam Distilled pure rose water is an astringent. It tones, diminishes fine lines and hydrates the skin. 

Full Ingredients List:

Steam Distilled pure Rose water .

Steam Distilled pure jasmine water .

Purified WaterPurified Water*, Jasmine Flower Oil
*Water has been vortexed and magnetized to raise the energy to a higher vibration.*

*As our products are made with natural ingredients and made in small batches, there may be slight variations in their colour and fragrance.

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