Shortcake: Lip Scrub

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Are you tired of having chapped and dry lips that ruin your look and mood? Don’t worry, we have got a solution that will make your lips soft, smooth and kissable. Introducing our Strawberry Lip Scrub, made with natural ingredients that will cater to all your lip-care needs.

Exfoliate and Revive your Lips

Our Strawberry Lip Scrub gently removes the dead and flaky skin from your lips, leaving them smooth and supple. The exfoliating sugar granules combined with the nourishing oils in our scrub make an effective combination, keeping your lips healthy and revitalized.

Contains : 30g

A cruelty free product
Made in Sri Lanka.

Moisturize and Hydrate your Lips

Enriched with the goodness of natural oils such as Coconut and Almond oil, our Strawberry Lip Scrub moisturizes your lips in the gentlest way possible. These oils seep into your lips, providing deep hydration while conditioning them, making them soft and healthy.

Infuse the Sweetness of Strawberries into Your Lips

Packed with the delicious fragrance of ripe strawberries, our Lip Scrub will give you a burst of freshness every time you use it. Our lip scrub is made with premium quality fresh strawberries that not only smell fantastic but also leave a delicious taste on your lips.

What’s inside that really matters.

Strawberry extract: A nutrient-dense ingredient. It has a nourishing and moisturizing effect because it contains a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Almond oil: Rejuvenates lips by removing dead skin cells.

Vitamin E oil: Protects lips against the effects of free radicals.

Full ingredients: 

Strawberry extract, sugar, almond oil, vitamin E oil, shea butter, stearic acid, floral fragrance oil.

*As our products are made with natural ingredients and made in small batches, there may be slight variations in their colour and fragrance.

Scoop a small amount out with your finger and rub your lips in circular motions. Lick away any excess (yes, it’s edible!) or wipe off with a tissue. Avoid using wet spoon/ finger for longer shelf life.

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