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Founded in Sri Lanka, Clayskintreats is a modern, plant-based, minimalist skincare line that focuses on treating skin-related problems while promoting an optimistic perspective on typical South Asian skincare issues. 

Wholesome Ingredients

One might wonder what makes us stand out from other skincare brands based in Sri Lanka. At Clay, we value real, nourishing ingredients created with intention and with a focus on sustainability.  All of our products are made with non-toxic, good-for-you, superfood ingredients derived from nature. Not all skincare is created equal… which is why we pair the best ingredients nature has to offer to nourish your skin. 

Our non-toxic skincare is made with superfoods and we carefully select only the highest quality plant botanicals & all-natural ingredients. All of our products are handmade with the cleanest, purest ingredients that meet the highest standards, which are discussed below! 

Real Ingredients

We only use plant-based ingredients that you know and trust – like avocado, rose, aloe vera, shea butter, and so many better-for-you superfoods. Our plant-based botanicals come from nature (and not a man-made chemical manufacturing facility) for a true all-natural experience. 

Each handcrafted item is full of: 
✔ Vitamins that nourish the skin to heal & glow 
✔ Antioxidants that prevent the skin from oxidation & aging 
✔ Minerals that alkalize & balance the skin for true radiance 
✔ Ingredients you can trust 

Highest Quality Ingredients

Most of our products are made with wholesome, non-toxic ingredients that are sourced with attention and care. Pesticides and harmful chemicals used on plants can be harmful to the body, even when applied to the skin. We hold ourselves and our suppliers to the highest standards to give you the best product possible. 

Free Of Toxic Chemicals

 Our products contain no artificial ingredients, added toxic chemicals, or toxins of any kind. More and more studies show the link between harmful chemicals and long-term side effects like cancer – and we have a strict NO policy towards any additives. Now one might question about the presence of preservatives in our products, to which we say, yes, we do use preservatives since they are essential to preserving the quality of water-based products. In fact, not using preservatives can even be harmful due to the spoilage of natural ingredients and even cause microorganisms to breed as well! But we also have conditions when using preservatives. We make sure that they a botanically sourced, non-synthetic, and free of toxins!  Especially with our premium range, we try to offer you the best quality products with organic ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. 
✗ No parabens 
✗ No formaldehyde 
✗ No PEG’s 
✗ No phthalates 
✗ No skin-drying, dullness-driving, acne-causing harmful chemicals 

Cruelty Free

Each year, over 500,000 animals are used in cosmetic animal testing worldwide, even though alternative testing options exist. We have a passion for animal rights – no animal testing is done at any point throughout our production and we hold our suppliers to the highest standards – and we strive to stop the use of animal testing in the skincare & cosmetics industry for good. Additionally, no animal by-products are used within our products. 

Non-Gender Specific Products


In our society, applying creams and moisturizers, regular grooming, and being prim and proper have been associated with the females themselves. Just like the pink color!  

However, this dissociated idea of skincare and self-care no longer serves today’s generation. It is being addressed as gender-neutral. Slathering up moisturizers, and sunscreens, and even choosing to apply your favorite nail paint is not limited to just women folks. Men do that too! 

Skin on your body does not see gender. It itself is an organ, factually the largest organ! And when the rest of the body can be taken care of, then why induce a gender stigma when it comes to the skin? Everyone wants to look fresh and crisp. And it all starts with good and healthy skin which further relies upon a healthy skin care routine. So, there’s no point of gender bias when skin care is in question. 

That is why, at Clay, almost all our products are gender neutral and we encourage all males and females to have a healthy skincare regimen! 

What Is Plant Based Skincare ?

Plant-based skincare doesn’t just mean mushing up an avocado and some oats to make a DIY face mask, and it doesn’t have to mean spending more money on pricey skincare either. From your morning cleanse to your evening scrub, we’ve got a bucketload of products you need to try. Including, vegan moisturizers, body lotions, exfoliators, and serums, what’s not to love about plant-based skincare? 

Our Take On Conscious Skincare

We want to give skincare a new meaning by turning it into an intentional choice – a conscious choice, by intentionally choosing high-quality ingredients in your products, choosing self-care, and putting yourself first. 

And all the while, we want to feel good about what we put out into the planet by minimizing our environmental impact and using as little plastic as possible (even in our packaging). Although we have a long way to go to become 100% eco-friendly and sustainable, we are sure we will get there, in good time!  

Normalizing All Shades Of Skin Color

It’s fascinating to think that our skin is the largest organ in our body and holds so much more significance than just protection! The underlying meaning of different skin colors says a whole lot about our race, ethnicity, biology, and perhaps our self-esteem. It continues to be such an important variable in understanding social science in our everyday lives. Sadly, today’s youngsters are so keen on changing their skin color to meet abnormal beauty standards. While people in with lighter skin focus on getting tans all the time, us, South Asians are obsessed with whitening and lightening skin tone to somehow appear “whiter”.  

At Clay, we encourage embracing culture and not try to drastically change the skin that we are born in, promoting self-love. We are all for treating skin problems and brightening the skin to help you glow, but whitening and a toxic mindset about body image is a no no! 

Our mission is to revolutionize skincare through superfoods that deliver clear, glowing skin. We believe that all skin tones are beautiful and we are here to normalize natural skin tones and acne problems.  

It’s about time we love the skin we were born in! But that doesn’t mean we don’t treat skin problems, we do! It’s just that we love building a healthy body image. 

We Love Minimalism, Less Is More! 

Minimalism is our mantra, here at Clay, we go by “less is more” and that is why we believe in a minimalist skincare routine. You do not need to stack on products and have a billion different routines, just the right products that suits your needs. We also use simple, wholesome ingredients in our products and even make our products in small batches, with a lot of love and attention! 

Since you read thus far, let us let you on The Secret Clay’s Master Plan 

1. Make products to treat skin problems. Stop romanticising abnormal beauty standards. 

2. Be number one in every category. Do not accept the status quo: invent new products that fulfil all of the vision. 

3. Create a cosmetic revolution to save the planet. We’re running out of time – we need a revolution! 

Take a look through our products and stay tuned for more from The Clay Edit, and keep glowing!