How To Manage Oily Skin In The Summer



It’s summer and your skin care regimen needs to adapt as the seasons change. Especially with oily skin you can’t stop but think about how higher temperature and humidity accentuate the slickness of your skin. We are here to help! All you need this summer is a few tweaks on your skincare routine and much much light makeup to get you through the day.

Wash. Your. Face

It’s essential to use a double cleanser twice a day to get rid of oily skin in the summer. But keep in mind that we don’t want to remove your skin’s natural oils, therefore a gentle cleanser is advised. Clay’s Green Tea Cleansing Gel a two-in-one cleanser dissolves makeup and, when combined with water, produces foam that gently removes dirt and impurities from the skin. Its hybrid solution simultaneously removes makeup and skin pollutants while minimizing the loss of the crucial keratin layer to maintain healthy skin.

Tone and refresh.

The toner mist’s ingredients calm your face and close open pores, which aid in regulating excessive oil production. 

Use our rose or lotus toner to treat oily skin and control shine.

Hydration is key!

There’s always that little voice in your head to not really moisturize your skin especially when it’s oily.

 But that’s a huge no! This summer look into a lightweight moisturizer formulated for oily skin like our morning glory moisturizer a unique blend that leaves your skin non-sticky and glossy. 

Protect your skin

This summer shift into a broad-spectrum sunscreen that would protect your skin from harmful UVA (Ultraviolet A radiation) and UVB (Ultraviolet B radiation) rays or even a non-comedogenic sunscreen that includes niacinamide and peptides to help lock in moisture and brighten the skin tone while offering non-greasy hydration.

Invest in a weekly clay mask

Treat your skin to a mask every week. We would highly recommend our glow, clarify and detox face masks to control oil. Our range of clay masques also do come in handy and is one of the easiest to use you only have to wear this mask on, leave it for 20 mins and wash it off. We recommend our Sandalwood, Charcoal or Damask Rose. They aim to calm and clarify the skin.


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